United Bankers webinar: Investments in Natural Capital

Virtual Event / Livestream

Tuesday, 27-Sep-2023 – 14:00h CET / 15:00h EET, duration 45 minutes plus QnA


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Investments in Natural Capital

Mitigate climate change and generate attractive returns


United Bankers, a Finnish asset manager firmly rooted in the Nordic region, is an expert in forestry investments. In this high-quality livestream, three experts will comment on the following topics:


Dick Ehrnrooth, Head of International Distribution:
A specific investment approach into a timber solution

Jyri Hietala, CEO, UB Nordic Forest Management Ltd:
A deep dive into the asset class timber, opportunities, risks, and effects on diversification and inflation

Seela Sinisalo, Head of ESG:
The positive ESG character of investments in timberland, impact and sustainability